Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have You Seen Me?: Pierre Hardy boots for The Gap

It is officially "late September" and I have not been able to uncover the elusive Pierre Hardy fall boots for the Gap that were announced in July.  My search has been exhaustive (at least online) and there is no peep that these shoes even exist. I may have been confused but there were some posts suggesting that they launched in Europe, and then they would ship the leftovers to the US. That would be a sad, sad story.

Beautiful suede boots, we hardly knew you. Rest in peace.

- alison

Friday, September 25, 2009

P-Run: WTF?!? Nina Garcia, we need you!

I'm trying to catch up on the last 2 episodes of Project Runway, but I'm telling you, it has not been easy making the transition to Lifetime. That, combined with such a boring cast of characters, makes for low priority viewing. But, I did manage to watch the whole paper challenge episode and the first half of the film genre episode before I fell asleep. Woke up just in time to find out who was eliminated. Now we don't have to worry about any more designers with silly punctuation in their names.

The paper episode: my only comments are that any designer dresses as badly as Johnny probably should have been sent home earlier. Nicolas is now the new annoying person on the show, not to mention, he can barely put together a proper sentence in English. The show producers are really struggling to make the workroom come across as entertaining. Clearly it is not. Even Nicolas just wants to do his work in quiet. That does not make for good tv, though they are trying their best to pretend it makes for good tv. And if someone who looks like Booth from the LA Times can be a fashion critic, why can't I? Maybe it is a lack of journalism degree. Is that really necessary?

Film genre episode: Designers continue to be boring, Nicolas continues to be annoying. I missed the runway show part, but I looked at the photos online. Someone please explain to me how Nicolas wins and Ra'mon is out. Was Ra'mon's dress that bad in motion? Am I overly partial to the color green or something? I thought the saloon girl dress was awful, Althea's whatever genre it was looked plain and boring, Logan's jumpsuit was also boring, the white shawl/cape thing on the black dress was beyond hideous, and I can't recall but I'm sure that most of the remaining stuff was lame.  The only one that looked interesting in the pics was Epperson's western outfit.

Have the judges totally lost it? Is it being watered down for the Lifetime audience who prefers to watch movies with Kirstie Alley or other 80s female stars? Blech.

- alison

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shame Meter Now I Don't Feel So Bad

I have been hiding my dirty little secret in the crevice of my mind. I finally caved and bought some “real” OTK boots at Amaree’s in Newport Beach. I’m sorry, I know this is horrible because I already own OTK boots but these are just beautiful. The crappy, slut ones I bought at Bebe made me walk like a cheap hooker, and after taking them to my cobbler, there was nothing I could do to fix them (I deserve points for trying!).  Thanks Alison for your confession, I don’t feel so bad.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shame Meter - Alison's Tally

The concept of the Shame Meter is simple, yet brilliant. Kym and I talk about things that we want to buy or we actually have bought, then hopefully feel so much shame and embarrassment based on your feedback that we either walk away empty handed or return our purchases.

I thought Kym's meter would be off the charts, but the sad, shameful truth is that my meter is wayyyyyy off the charts. In the past two weeks, I have gorged on Anna Sui at Target (though I should get credit for the fact that we are talking about Target prices), bought a couple pairs of pants and a bunch of tees at Gap, a shirt and jacket (for my Montreal trip) from Forever 21, purchased two items I definitely didn't need from Neiman Marcus in order to take advantage of a 10,000 bonus points offer, and bought the maximum 5 pieces from the Christopher Kane collection at Topshop.

Just writing about how much I bought has totally disgusted me. But even thinking about writing this made me go return some of the Anna Sui items. So if you refer to my previous post, I am now left with: sleeveless blouse, puffy coat, gray t-shirt, and tablecloth dress.  Only four items out of , not too bad, right? And with NM, I am returning the more expensive of the two items. So far, so good. Now, I just have to wait for the CK items and I'm sure some of it will be shipped back.

What I've learned from this experience is that even though I'm trying to shop at mostly discount places, I'm still going overboard. I promise to do much better next month, really!

- alison

Models of the Runway - Poll Results

As you can see, the final results of the "Should I watch Models of the Runway" survey were dead even. Some of you love it, some of you hate it, and some of you don't know what to make of it.

Well, I can honestly say that the only people that are correct are the ones that said it was terrible. Because it is terrible. The only good thing I can say about it is that it is 30 minutes and not 60 minutes long.

Now, I need to catch up on P-Run to see if it has finally become more entertaining.

- alison

Monday, September 21, 2009

Alison's Latest Obsessions

As you can probably tell by now, my fashion obsessions are pretty different from Kym's obsessions. Once we did share an obsession with the Chloe platform/doc martin-style boot. Kym was lucky enough to get a pair in classic black from the Chloe store in Paris, while I could only manage to get a bright orange pair, which I still love to wear regardless of the strange looks I get.

So here are my latest obsessions from the Fall collections. I hope to not purchase any of these things, at least until Sale time. Please, please, please still  be available when Sale time finally rolls around!

1. Prada shoe -- My #1 obsession and I would love it in any color it comees in, I can only hope I never see it in the store or else I am in big trouble (cha-ching!)
2.  Marni party dress -- oh Marni, I love you so much. I will dedicate an entire post to you in the near future.
3. Dolce & Gabbana Glove belt:  Shown here as a Glove scarf, but it is also available in belt form. You know I'm a sucker for overly clever fashion.
4. Marc Jacobs Shoe/Boots: Similar to the Lanvin shoes I posted about yesterday, but these come with the fun strap! Similar to the galosh-style boot from Prada with the suspender strap. Something about looking like an old man who still wears socks that require suspenders really appeals to me.
5. Bright bathrobe coat: Don't care which designer, I just love the bright colors and the style. The best part is that I can wear it maybe 2x a year in SoCal. Talk about functional!
Oh, I also want a crazy old lady leopard print coat, but I'm going to look either at vintage thrift stores or Mango for that! 

What do you think of my picks? Am I out of my mind? Don't answer, I already know.
- alison

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Want It Now...though I'm slightly disturbed by it

I love shoes, and despite how many shoes I have, I could really use a pair of gray booties. No need to remind me that I have a pair of gray ankle boots and that should be sufficient. Those are really old.

And I really like these Lanvin boot/shoe things.  I also really like cats, but there is something disturbing about the way they combined these beautiful shoes with these cats. It's on the verge of making me not want these shoes. Who are they trying to appeal to in this ad? Any ideas? The more I look at it, the more afraid I become...

- alison

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've been bad... Sorta

So I'm in Montreal, but the hotel business center has free internet. While my mom was taking a break from our day of sightseeing on Friday, I went to explore the local shops. The good new is that I did not buy anything from a store in Montreal. The bad news is that I did use the hotel internet to go to the Topshop website to order my beloved Christopher Kane. But more good news, customers are only allowed to order five pieces from the collection. But more bad news, I ordered 5 pieces including the crocodile dress (and a pair of shoes, two hooded things and leggings).

Of course I might return these things, but then again, I might not. Will keep you posted. I will wait until I return to tell you the nonsense with my neiman marcu purchase. I blame Polly for that!


When We Win the Lottery (also known as My Style Picks -- For Kym!)

Even though I try to pretend that the point of looking at fashion mags is to get inspired to find knockoffs or just get ideas on how to put outfits together, the reality is that I really look at them to make an internal list of what I need to go buy as soon as I win the lottery.

But the focus of today's feature is this: If Kym won the lottery and asked me to go shopping with her, what would I tell her to buy. If I had that power, our first stop would be to Gucci, because I can see her in these sleek rock looks. Then, I would force her to try on some of the bohemian prints from Etro because I think she can totally pull them off. Perhaps we would check out this grommet dress from Cavalli, and get this gorgeous cocktail dress (I don't even remember who makes it because I didn't rip that page out after seeing the $18k price tag). Finally, we would go to Maxfield or Barneys and blow a shitload on a jacket from Rodarte.

Ah, now that's a heavenly day.
- alison

First Stop: Gucci & Etro
 Next: Cavalli and amazing cocktail dress. BTW, if I had straight hair, I would totally wear it like this style in this first pic.

Finish with the piece de resistance: Rodarte! 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Topshop: Why Must You Be So Far Away?

Well, it's Friday, the day that the Christopher Kane collection for Topshop launches. I should be absolutely elated, but I'm not. "Why?" you ask. Because the closest Topshop is in NYC, nowhere near my wallet. How can I get my hands on the crocodile tee? I actually am in Montreal today on vacation. Do you think my mother would mind if we skipped the tourist stuff and just drove to New York for the day? How long would that take?

Someone, snap me out of it! Remind me that I don't need the Christopher Kane collection for Topshop because I already own a Christopher Kane ape dress (see image below), and really, one giant screen-printed animal image on clothing is enough. Right? Not to mention the slightly obnoxious location of the croc's mouth in relation to the lady-parts. Is that some kind of subliminal message? Anyone? The eyelet stuff is worth the drive, and the boots, and the bag. Help!?!

- alison

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do We Dare? Fabulous at Every Age Contest

Harper's Bazaar announced they are conducting a nationwide search for fabulous women of all ages. I personally enjoy  their regular "Fabulous At Every Age" monthly column (don't always agree with it, nor do I think the designers they select want to think their clothes are for 60-year-olds).  Winners will be featured in the magazine and receive $5k. Only one winner per decade, starting with 20s up to 60+.

Got a particularly flattering picture of yourself? Know someone you want to nominate? Click on the headline of this post to get more info.

I nominate Kym! Anyone want to schedule an informal photo shoot?

- alison

Shame Meter

Another day of hundreds of unanswered e-mails, thousands of task reminders swimming around in my head, an Outlook calendar that could spawn a heart-attack in an Olympic athlete, a BlackBerry that gives me an electric shock every time it buzzes, and no sign of it getting any easier….what is any normal girl to do? It’s a perfect day to “pop into” Barney’s of course! Hey, I didn’t take a lunch today I swear……I’m still obsessed with adding another Balenciaga to my collection and I somehow justified it in my head (my mortgage lender called and told me he could lower our payment…). After contemplating several choices, I walked out of Barney’s on Wilshire in Beverly Hills with nothing but a Diet Coke and a double cappuccino (lunch). Not sure yet if I am getting saner (how boring), or if I’m in need of a new obsession (anyone know who has a decent selection of Thomas Wylde bags?)



OTK Boots - Now I Understand

I finally read something that made me realize why I just can't buy into the idea of over-the-knee boots. It was in the September issue of InStyle, a page about boots. In the "Trend Alert" section, they highlighted OTK boots. But what they said about them will ensure that I will never, ever attempt to wear that trend:

"Last seen circa Pretty Woman..."

Of course they went on to say that proper people can wear them now, but I can't get this image out of my head.
- alison 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shoe Heaven!

Ooh, the shoes featured on Net-A-Porter are just delightful. Check it out:

So many beautiful shoes. Why are we cursed with only two feet! it's so not fair.

- alison

Report Card: Anna Sui at Target - not bad

Took me a little longer than expected to check out the Anna Sui collection for Target,  but as of last night I feel I have a pretty good overview of what it offers.  As suspected, the dresses are generally on the short side. I did manage to buy this little black number with the low buckle which will look good with opaque tights. And I bought the "tablecloth" dress because it is a typical Anna Sui baby doll dress. But I also thought that the multi-colored sparkly one was cute, as was the gray tweed with black ribbon triim. There were quite a few cute blouses, mostly on the sheer side, skirts that were extreme minis, a loose gray/white striped cardigan (I bought), some menswear fabric inspired pants with vest, a puffy vest, a puffy black coat, and a leather jacket I did not see in any of the Targets I went to. On the down side, a few of the items that used an ethnic print similar to some of her expensive pieces didn't look very special in the Target version.

Important Note: It's not cheap. Dresses were $50 - $60 which I don't typically associate with Target prices.
My recommendation: Definitely check it out, try some stuff on, wait until it goes on sale. If the item is still available, it was meant to be. 

Here's what I bought (though I will probably return few items after they have had a chance to sink in):

Top Row: Silk Tunic, Black sleeveless dress (shown with leather jacket I did not buy), Striped hooded sweater.
Bottom Row: Lace dress, Black puffer jacket with detachable hood, Ruffled blouse (shown with skirt I did not buy)
Not Shown But Purchased: Gray v-neck shirt, Black shirt with lace short sleeves

Monday, September 14, 2009

You Get What You Pay For

OK – I tried, I really, really tried. I was so incredibly happy that I found this seasons OTK suede platform boots for less than a small mortgage payment….I am wearing my great looking boots today with an adorable little dress, but I am walking like a cheap hooker. I’m sorry, but they suck. The arch in the boot is horrendous. Now I know why Louboutin’s are so expensive. I think I’m going to give these boots away. Drats.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Verbal Beating of the Day & Shame Meter!

Kym, really? Another pair of jeans? I really am going to figure out how we can measure our savings and our waste with the Shopping Shame Meter. In the meantime, I may need to add a poll on how many pairs of jeans you have.

Also, the fact that you stopped at the mall, I'm assuming South Coast Plaza, on your way home from the airport, to buy jeans, RATHER than have dinner with your friends who were ALSO at South Coast Plaza, is definitely a sign of addiction. And may I remind you, a week ago you told me you had just purchase TWO pairs of jeans at Barneys.
RETURN THOSE JEANS IMMEDIATELY.  Alex can keep his pair, assuming he likes them.

I think it is also high time that you expand your wardrobe from this giant pile of jeans you own. I have some recommendations which I will put together on Monday.

- alison

Friday, September 11, 2009

Confession of the Day

I know, you’re all probably thinking I’m nuts by now for sure. Oh well, there’s no hiding it. Look, I don’t drink (anymore), don’t smoke (used to be a pack-a-day) and unfortunately not much else either (post baby), so vanity is my weakness. I did open a 529 plan for Mason today and scheduled automatic deposits! My confession this week, however, is immediately after landing in OC from my SFO day-trip, I headed to my favorite local denim store and bought 2 pairs of the latest AG jeans. I know, I’m lame. But I cannot resist anything that makes me look even remotely thinner. Oh, the 2nd pair, was a pair for Alex (aren’t I thoughtful?). But after some consideration, I’m returning the $265.00 jeans (the ones for Alex) – I swear I will not exchange them, I will return them!


Balancing Act

In a moment of sheer insanity, I called the Gucci store at SCP a few weeks ago and put my name on a waiting list for the latest open-toe, platform, spiked heel ankle boots that are everywhere right now. They had my name written all over them and they shouted cool. I experienced the flittering stomach and the rush of excitement at the thought of wearing them, followed by a tinge of guilt for not allocating that money to Mason’s college fund instead. Thank God for waiting lists……I saw a pair of metallic pumps in more than one magazine by Bebe. I had no idea this franchise designed shoes, let alone cool ones. I called the store, put them on hold and went to buy them on a warm Sunday morning. I walked into Bebe at Fashion Island and saw a wall of shoes that resembled the pages of all the recent issues of every fashion magazine published. My heart was pounding as I was trying on OTK boots, platform booties, YSL look-alikes, and more. I stocked up and felt gleeful that I freed myself of the guilt at the thought of shelling out a middle-American mortgage payment for the Gucci stripper-shoes. Today I was running through the airport on my 5” booties that just an hour earlier had me convinced I represented the latest in hot, sexy, cool fashion. Suddenly I was laughing at myself as I was on the verge of toppling over andf falling on my face trying to balance my 10-pound laptop with my overstuffed Balenciaga, an iced-coffee and a venti red-eye in hand. Unfortunately I still have not managed to successfully combine my inner rocker chick with my outer mommy/wife/corporate worker-bee in a manner that suits me. I hope I don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, but the combination of the three is a challenge that I unfortunately have yet to figure out. The 5” booties will have to wait for a more appropriate outing (if only there was one)…..and hopefully with all of your help I can get my balancing act right before I turn 50



VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: Anna Sui now, Jimmy Choo later, and MORE!

As you may know, one of the best things about fashionocracy is the High/Low style of dressing.  Combining something you bought at Gap or Marshall's with a really expensive item so the whole thing looks fabulous is something I strive to do as often as possible. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to take advantage of all the fantastic designer collaborations with the mass merchants.  Here are some of the upcoming collabs you need to know about:

This Sunday, Anna Sui will be launching limited-time collection with Target.  Bad news is that it is inspired by Gossip Girl, so most likely the dresses will all be on the inappropriately short side for me.  But never fear, it is my duty to buy a smattering of these items and report back to you all on Monday so you know if it is worth looking into. I'm hopeful that there will be tops, jackets, skirts, and maybe a dress or two that I can pull off.

Jimmy Choo has announced a collection for H&M, launching November 14 (thanks for the reminder Lisa H.). Collection will be available in 200 stores, so I'm guessing for the locals, that means the West Hollywood store, and will include shoes for women and men, bags and some eveningwear. Mark your calendars!

For those of you with tots, Stella McCartney has announced a one-off collection for GapKids and BabyGap debuting sometime this year. She claims she believes that kids clothes should be accessibly priced.  I which she felt the same about adult clothes.

Anyone heading to NY or London, be sure to check out Christopher Kane for Topshop. His collection launches next week on Sept 18th!  Let me know if you are going because I really want some of the items BAD! Clothes, shoes, bags. Lots of grommets, and even a seriously crazy crocodile t-shirt similar to his gorilla/ape high-end pieces. Seriously, let me know if you are near a TopShop, I need at least 6 of the pieces. Check out the lookbook here:

Of course, we are all anxiously awaiting the release of the Pierre Hardy for Gap suede boots, launching sometime in September. Kym has it on good authority that they will only be available in select stores (again, WeHo), and possibly online. I will keep a vigilant eye out for this.

And last, but certainly not least, I look forward to the next Target collaboration with Rodarte! This one isn't appearing until December, but it could be the end all/be all of one-off lines. Though I did have high hopes for the McQ collection, which was not that great.

To recap, busy Sunday morning for me, hitting one or two Targets to get a diverse selection of the Anna Sui line.  I love the two Anna Sui dresses and the one skirt that I have, so, let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

- alison

Thursday, September 10, 2009

P-Run: Total Snoozefest?

Sam G. was kind enough to point out that there really should be a Project Runway recap on this site. How could I forget? I used to the run the pool. I don't know about you, but after the long, long wait, I have found this season to be a little dull. Maybe it's because it's still early in the eliminations, but so far, all the designers are kind of boring. They got rid of the one who could have at least been entertaining in the first episode (more on the interesting Ari Fish later).

Where are the villains? Where are the super-talented? Where are the crazies?  What about kooky names? Using a "Q" for a hard K sound, or inserting an apostrophe doesn't count. At least the recovering meth addict should be a little more erratic, don't you think?

Should I blame it all on the move to Lifetime? Is relocating it to Los Angeles the problem? Or did I get tainted by the 90% crazy people cast in "The Fashion Show," which I include Izaac in the crazy list.

Maybe it will get better as there are fewer designers in the mix.  It feels like 16 is too many, I don't remember them ever having that many to begin with. As for Mitchell being eliminated? Honestly, did the guy ever finish one outfit on any of the episodes? No. I really don't think it was going to get any better. Maybe if he had managed to still win a challenge with an unfinished design, then things would be interesting. It would piss off all the other designers, Mitchell would act even more moronic and delusional, and catfights would ensue. But, that's not the case, and as with everything else so far this season, Mitchell falls short of true reality-show greatness.

Now, most importantly, was I the ONLY person to think that crazy Ari Fish, eliminated in episode one looked a little TOO much like Samantha Ronson? And was I the ONLY person to find it incredibly awkward that Lindsay Lohan was the guest judge, and she eliminated her girlfriend's lookalike?

And lastly, MODELS OF THE RUNWAY.  I watched about 5 minutes of this show and thought it was REALLY boring.  I can understand that maybe they want to class it up a bit and not have it be as redonkulous as Top Model, but, it didn't improve my opinion of models being more than just decent clothes hangers. Should I give it another chance?  Let me know in the poll!

- alison

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daily Rant: The over-recycling of styles

It's that exciting time of year when we get the big thick catalogs from Saks, Barneys, Neiman, Bergdorf, etc.  Sadly, this year has been a bit lackluster in terms of the content of these catalogs.  Usually I rip out 5 or 6 items to pin up on my office wall, reminding me why I work.  This year, hardly anything has made the wall. But I found something in the Saks catalog that inspired today's rant. These Christian Louboutin pumps with spikes all over them are JUST LIKE the Christian Louboutin ankle boots with spikes all over them from maybe a year ago. I actually BOUGHT those boots a year ago, and my good friend Kym told me that I needed to return them immediately because they were too trendy and would quickly look dated.  Definitely not an investment piece.

So, this leads to many questions:  Was Kym wrong? (probably not)  Are designers lazy?  (maybe)  Or do consumers have a mental block that limits them to supporting that which is familiar?  Maybe this answers the question as to why Kym's closet is filled with multiple similar items (*cough* two leopard print coats).  It also reminds me of the time I was shopping with my sister and picked up a skirt and she told me that I had too many skirts in that same style.

So much for thinking I'm unique.

- alison

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Must Have it NOW

A terrible bout of the blues, some self-loathing, and weather that is too hot to wear any of my favorite things has convinced me that I need a bright orange, green or purple “Work” sized Balenciaga bag…I have not purchased one in a couple of years, and I can wear it regardless of the weather. Shame on me I know…but I am blogging first and open to suggestions (and reason).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fashionable on a Lazy Sunday

I need advice, my closet seems to be a wardrobe for the “ornament” in the Doors movie….except I don’t travel with The Doors, and no longer drop acid on a regular basis. This is a dilemma because I need to get dressed and I am finding I either have the outfit suited to travel with Aerosmith or go do laundry. Today in an attempt to be hip, I threw on the latest 80’s style sweats by LivGreen, a white tank, Rocket Dog flip-flops (I think they’re over) and my trusted Balenciaga (more on that later). Why did I look as frumpy as could be? What am I missing here? Alison? Can you help? I know I can’t wear my OTK boots with a jean mini (not only because I am too old, but because it was 93-degrees today), but isn’t there something in-between that is suitable? Suggestions welcome!




Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Sliver of Good News in the Mail Today

Today was like any other excruciatingly hot day in Southern California….I walked to my mailbox drenched in sweat hoping for some sliver of good news and out came the new Barney’s catalogue. I kept telling myself over and over “fashion doesn’t have to cost a fortune any more, fashion is cheap now!” I tried to flip through the glossy pages with as much indifference as I could, but it sucked me in and by page 11 my heart was beating faster and Mason tearing up all of the other mail didn’t phase me, I was lost in “$1,200.00 for a pair of Lanvin boots isn’t so bad, they’re Lanvin and they’re so me!isn’t that in itself worth their weight in gold? So here I am questioning my dear friend and voice of reason Alison…what do you think Alison….do I need a pair of over-the-knee, black, platform Lanvin boots? Keep in mind I just purchased a pair of OTK suede platform boots (faux ones by Bebe, but very impressive knock-offs), and I have those Marni OTK brown ones….and I think perhaps a few others…..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to My Vice

Ladies (and gents), I want to thank you for agreeing to participate in this pseudo-intervention. We all know Kym and I have a problem, and that problem is shopping. Mostly shoes and bags, also clothes, occasionally jewelry (only costume!). Some of you even encourage such detrimental activity since you know you will eventually be the recipient of my excess.

Well, our addiction has caught up with us, so the purpose of this site is to channel our shopping energy into writing about shopping. We plan to update this site with features like:
  • Very Important News: the latest collaboration with Target, upcoming sales, etc.
  • What are they thinking: occasional rants about some new trend
  • I must have it NOW: my latest obsession, which hopefully you will all convince me I'm a moron for thinking such things
  • Rachel Zoe: Force for Good or Evil?:  Kym and I will debate Rachel Zoe's merits or lack of  
  • How do I look today?: rate my outfit and even provide useful commentary like "you look like a (insert character like nurse, crazy cat lady, old lady, teenager)"
  • What should I wear tomorrow?: I might have one key piece I want to wear but not sure what to wear with it
  • Kym's Closet: She says she needs a bigger closet, I say she needs less stuff.  Exactly how many pairs of jeans does she own? Guess and you might win a prize! 
  • Alison's Closet: you've always wanted to see what 80 pairs of shoes looks like, I know you do. Eventually I hope to post a catalog of my closet and maybe you can help me create new outfits.
By entertaining you all, we hope to keep ourselves so busy that we won't have time for shopping, with of course some exceptions! Also, your feedback may help us avoid becoming the ultimate nightmare: the old-ladies that populate Fashion Island and Beverly Hills that dresses ridiculously.

So please, no comment is too harsh. I need some tough love if I am ever to start actually saving money again. Of course, I reserve the right to delete your comments if you hurt my feelings :(   We promise to post something at least a couple times a week, but remember, we have do have day jobs to take care of.