Friday, September 11, 2009

Confession of the Day

I know, you’re all probably thinking I’m nuts by now for sure. Oh well, there’s no hiding it. Look, I don’t drink (anymore), don’t smoke (used to be a pack-a-day) and unfortunately not much else either (post baby), so vanity is my weakness. I did open a 529 plan for Mason today and scheduled automatic deposits! My confession this week, however, is immediately after landing in OC from my SFO day-trip, I headed to my favorite local denim store and bought 2 pairs of the latest AG jeans. I know, I’m lame. But I cannot resist anything that makes me look even remotely thinner. Oh, the 2nd pair, was a pair for Alex (aren’t I thoughtful?). But after some consideration, I’m returning the $265.00 jeans (the ones for Alex) – I swear I will not exchange them, I will return them!


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