Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daily Rant: The over-recycling of styles

It's that exciting time of year when we get the big thick catalogs from Saks, Barneys, Neiman, Bergdorf, etc.  Sadly, this year has been a bit lackluster in terms of the content of these catalogs.  Usually I rip out 5 or 6 items to pin up on my office wall, reminding me why I work.  This year, hardly anything has made the wall. But I found something in the Saks catalog that inspired today's rant. These Christian Louboutin pumps with spikes all over them are JUST LIKE the Christian Louboutin ankle boots with spikes all over them from maybe a year ago. I actually BOUGHT those boots a year ago, and my good friend Kym told me that I needed to return them immediately because they were too trendy and would quickly look dated.  Definitely not an investment piece.

So, this leads to many questions:  Was Kym wrong? (probably not)  Are designers lazy?  (maybe)  Or do consumers have a mental block that limits them to supporting that which is familiar?  Maybe this answers the question as to why Kym's closet is filled with multiple similar items (*cough* two leopard print coats).  It also reminds me of the time I was shopping with my sister and picked up a skirt and she told me that I had too many skirts in that same style.

So much for thinking I'm unique.

- alison

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  1. There are probably not too many people who love the recent styles more than me. Designers must have realized girls who were huge fans of 80's hair-band rockers have grown up and now have big girl jobs with (somewhat) big girl paychecks and can wear their groupie outfits with glee. However, it's getting a bit too common and overdone. I never thought I would pass on anything with spikes, especially by a designer like Christian Louboutin who can legitimize any look in my book, but I promise you in the not-too-distant future anything with this many spikes will be "so 2009". Even Alison has taught me to buy a trend on the cheap - hence my recent spree at Bebe where I happily purchased several pairs of this season's knock-off platform shoes for less than a good meal at the Ivy. My vote is to find the knock-off version of this and throw it away at the end of the season.