Monday, September 7, 2009

Fashionable on a Lazy Sunday

I need advice, my closet seems to be a wardrobe for the “ornament” in the Doors movie….except I don’t travel with The Doors, and no longer drop acid on a regular basis. This is a dilemma because I need to get dressed and I am finding I either have the outfit suited to travel with Aerosmith or go do laundry. Today in an attempt to be hip, I threw on the latest 80’s style sweats by LivGreen, a white tank, Rocket Dog flip-flops (I think they’re over) and my trusted Balenciaga (more on that later). Why did I look as frumpy as could be? What am I missing here? Alison? Can you help? I know I can’t wear my OTK boots with a jean mini (not only because I am too old, but because it was 93-degrees today), but isn’t there something in-between that is suitable? Suggestions welcome!




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