Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've been bad... Sorta

So I'm in Montreal, but the hotel business center has free internet. While my mom was taking a break from our day of sightseeing on Friday, I went to explore the local shops. The good new is that I did not buy anything from a store in Montreal. The bad news is that I did use the hotel internet to go to the Topshop website to order my beloved Christopher Kane. But more good news, customers are only allowed to order five pieces from the collection. But more bad news, I ordered 5 pieces including the crocodile dress (and a pair of shoes, two hooded things and leggings).

Of course I might return these things, but then again, I might not. Will keep you posted. I will wait until I return to tell you the nonsense with my neiman marcu purchase. I blame Polly for that!


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