Friday, September 25, 2009

P-Run: WTF?!? Nina Garcia, we need you!

I'm trying to catch up on the last 2 episodes of Project Runway, but I'm telling you, it has not been easy making the transition to Lifetime. That, combined with such a boring cast of characters, makes for low priority viewing. But, I did manage to watch the whole paper challenge episode and the first half of the film genre episode before I fell asleep. Woke up just in time to find out who was eliminated. Now we don't have to worry about any more designers with silly punctuation in their names.

The paper episode: my only comments are that any designer dresses as badly as Johnny probably should have been sent home earlier. Nicolas is now the new annoying person on the show, not to mention, he can barely put together a proper sentence in English. The show producers are really struggling to make the workroom come across as entertaining. Clearly it is not. Even Nicolas just wants to do his work in quiet. That does not make for good tv, though they are trying their best to pretend it makes for good tv. And if someone who looks like Booth from the LA Times can be a fashion critic, why can't I? Maybe it is a lack of journalism degree. Is that really necessary?

Film genre episode: Designers continue to be boring, Nicolas continues to be annoying. I missed the runway show part, but I looked at the photos online. Someone please explain to me how Nicolas wins and Ra'mon is out. Was Ra'mon's dress that bad in motion? Am I overly partial to the color green or something? I thought the saloon girl dress was awful, Althea's whatever genre it was looked plain and boring, Logan's jumpsuit was also boring, the white shawl/cape thing on the black dress was beyond hideous, and I can't recall but I'm sure that most of the remaining stuff was lame.  The only one that looked interesting in the pics was Epperson's western outfit.

Have the judges totally lost it? Is it being watered down for the Lifetime audience who prefers to watch movies with Kirstie Alley or other 80s female stars? Blech.

- alison

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  1. I'm not reading this post because I'm only 3 episodes in and don't want spoilers. But MAN, it's like Bizarro judge world... they seem to be picking the worst outfits as the 'best'. Blech.