Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Report Card: Anna Sui at Target - not bad

Took me a little longer than expected to check out the Anna Sui collection for Target,  but as of last night I feel I have a pretty good overview of what it offers.  As suspected, the dresses are generally on the short side. I did manage to buy this little black number with the low buckle which will look good with opaque tights. And I bought the "tablecloth" dress because it is a typical Anna Sui baby doll dress. But I also thought that the multi-colored sparkly one was cute, as was the gray tweed with black ribbon triim. There were quite a few cute blouses, mostly on the sheer side, skirts that were extreme minis, a loose gray/white striped cardigan (I bought), some menswear fabric inspired pants with vest, a puffy vest, a puffy black coat, and a leather jacket I did not see in any of the Targets I went to. On the down side, a few of the items that used an ethnic print similar to some of her expensive pieces didn't look very special in the Target version.

Important Note: It's not cheap. Dresses were $50 - $60 which I don't typically associate with Target prices.
My recommendation: Definitely check it out, try some stuff on, wait until it goes on sale. If the item is still available, it was meant to be. 

Here's what I bought (though I will probably return few items after they have had a chance to sink in):

Top Row: Silk Tunic, Black sleeveless dress (shown with leather jacket I did not buy), Striped hooded sweater.
Bottom Row: Lace dress, Black puffer jacket with detachable hood, Ruffled blouse (shown with skirt I did not buy)
Not Shown But Purchased: Gray v-neck shirt, Black shirt with lace short sleeves

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