Friday, September 18, 2009

Topshop: Why Must You Be So Far Away?

Well, it's Friday, the day that the Christopher Kane collection for Topshop launches. I should be absolutely elated, but I'm not. "Why?" you ask. Because the closest Topshop is in NYC, nowhere near my wallet. How can I get my hands on the crocodile tee? I actually am in Montreal today on vacation. Do you think my mother would mind if we skipped the tourist stuff and just drove to New York for the day? How long would that take?

Someone, snap me out of it! Remind me that I don't need the Christopher Kane collection for Topshop because I already own a Christopher Kane ape dress (see image below), and really, one giant screen-printed animal image on clothing is enough. Right? Not to mention the slightly obnoxious location of the croc's mouth in relation to the lady-parts. Is that some kind of subliminal message? Anyone? The eyelet stuff is worth the drive, and the boots, and the bag. Help!?!

- alison

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