Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome to My Vice

Ladies (and gents), I want to thank you for agreeing to participate in this pseudo-intervention. We all know Kym and I have a problem, and that problem is shopping. Mostly shoes and bags, also clothes, occasionally jewelry (only costume!). Some of you even encourage such detrimental activity since you know you will eventually be the recipient of my excess.

Well, our addiction has caught up with us, so the purpose of this site is to channel our shopping energy into writing about shopping. We plan to update this site with features like:
  • Very Important News: the latest collaboration with Target, upcoming sales, etc.
  • What are they thinking: occasional rants about some new trend
  • I must have it NOW: my latest obsession, which hopefully you will all convince me I'm a moron for thinking such things
  • Rachel Zoe: Force for Good or Evil?:  Kym and I will debate Rachel Zoe's merits or lack of  
  • How do I look today?: rate my outfit and even provide useful commentary like "you look like a (insert character like nurse, crazy cat lady, old lady, teenager)"
  • What should I wear tomorrow?: I might have one key piece I want to wear but not sure what to wear with it
  • Kym's Closet: She says she needs a bigger closet, I say she needs less stuff.  Exactly how many pairs of jeans does she own? Guess and you might win a prize! 
  • Alison's Closet: you've always wanted to see what 80 pairs of shoes looks like, I know you do. Eventually I hope to post a catalog of my closet and maybe you can help me create new outfits.
By entertaining you all, we hope to keep ourselves so busy that we won't have time for shopping, with of course some exceptions! Also, your feedback may help us avoid becoming the ultimate nightmare: the old-ladies that populate Fashion Island and Beverly Hills that dresses ridiculously.

So please, no comment is too harsh. I need some tough love if I am ever to start actually saving money again. Of course, I reserve the right to delete your comments if you hurt my feelings :(   We promise to post something at least a couple times a week, but remember, we have do have day jobs to take care of.


  1. Best new site in AGES !!!! This is up there with my Gossip Girl obsession. xoxo - tracy

  2. I am LOVIN' all that appears here so far!!!

    I'll happily support your shopping habits by spreading the word and checking this blog daily...just as long as I can occasionally have a pick of your handoffs! ;) Seriously though...awesome blog!!!