Saturday, September 19, 2009

When We Win the Lottery (also known as My Style Picks -- For Kym!)

Even though I try to pretend that the point of looking at fashion mags is to get inspired to find knockoffs or just get ideas on how to put outfits together, the reality is that I really look at them to make an internal list of what I need to go buy as soon as I win the lottery.

But the focus of today's feature is this: If Kym won the lottery and asked me to go shopping with her, what would I tell her to buy. If I had that power, our first stop would be to Gucci, because I can see her in these sleek rock looks. Then, I would force her to try on some of the bohemian prints from Etro because I think she can totally pull them off. Perhaps we would check out this grommet dress from Cavalli, and get this gorgeous cocktail dress (I don't even remember who makes it because I didn't rip that page out after seeing the $18k price tag). Finally, we would go to Maxfield or Barneys and blow a shitload on a jacket from Rodarte.

Ah, now that's a heavenly day.
- alison

First Stop: Gucci & Etro
 Next: Cavalli and amazing cocktail dress. BTW, if I had straight hair, I would totally wear it like this style in this first pic.

Finish with the piece de resistance: Rodarte! 

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