Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diary of a Junkie

I became obsessed with the Balenciaga leather jacket. Obsessed. I dreamt of it. Sick I know. The price is ridiculous, but an obsession is an obsession. I knew no matter what I could not buy this thing without feeling the pain. I forced myself to find enough stuff in my closet to sell and hopefully fund this new obsession….I was actually quite surprised at A) How much crap I already had to sell and B) how much stuff I own that I really don’t care about. That dress I saw in Paris that I HAD TO HAVE? Never worn. That fur collar that “completed” my closet? Never worn. That Stella McCartney black wool coat that was SO AWESOME? Never worn. Shame!! I brought a boatload of stuff to the consignment store today, tomorrow they will give me the tally. I will be accountable friends, so stay tuned. I promise to return the Balenciaga jacket if I cannot raise the funds by selling the contents of my closet. Just be warned, you may see me walking around with nothing on but my beloved leather jacket, oh an my bag of course.

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