Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gap - Winner of lamest customer support response

Yesterday, I decided to cut to the chase regarding the missing Pierre Hardy boots (referenced in post below) by emailing Gap customer support.  I asked which Gap stores would have these shoes, assuming they even showed up this week, since once again, they were a no-show on Oct 19.  24 hours later, I received a reply saying:

Thank you for your email and interest in the Pierre Hardy Boots, item #708723.  We apologize for any trouble you encountered when looking for these fabulous Boots.  Many of our featured items are shown in magazines and other forms of media about 4-6 weeks before we actually have them available for sale.  We?re expecting the Boots to be online and in stores soon, so we hope you?ll check gap.com regularly and place an order once it?s available.

LAME. No date, and stupid excuse since they also claimed in the magazine features back in JULY that they would be available late September.  I'm starting to lose steam on this one, people. I think I shall focus my efforts on my beloved Marni instead. I've even been inspired enough by Fashionocracy fan, Pava, to create a Top 10 list. Later today, you will see the Top 10 items I would like to buy at Marni this week during the 20% off promotion.

- alison

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  1. Ooh...brilliant! I can't wait to see your Top 10 list, Alison! Not that I could afford anything you'll list, but I can always dream, right?