Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lock up Your Wallet! Balenciaga Jacket and Marni Sale are here

After being out of the office for a couple days and not checking email, I nearly hit the floor when I went through my personal email account.  Not only did my oh-so-favorite sales person from the Marni South Coast Plaza send me an email, there was also an email from Balenciaga announcing their new jackets. Marni is my ultimate weakness, and Balenciaga is Kym's ultimate weakness.

The scoop on Marni:  At the South Coast Plaza store, they are participating in the annual Angelitos charity event which helps out the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County.  You buy a card for $60 and various shops in SCP (including Marni) will give you a 20% discount off your purchase during the event, Oct 22-28.  This includes handbags and accessories!  I remember last year, all the great designer boutiques in the mall participated. Some only made select merch available (no Balenciaga handbags, but clothes were discounted), but still, what a great way to jump start the sales season. And I LOVE Marni so much, it really is frightening me what I might do during this promotion. I just bought some Marni earrings to wear to Nite to Unite, and I would love to show them to you but I cannot find a picture of them anywhere online or in the Marni catalogs.

Now, Balenciaga.  The house known for the lovely handbags of which Kym owns many, now offers a motorcycle jacket in 3 colors: black, brown and beige. I'm sure the leather is absolutely amazing.  Maybe they will have it at the SCP store and it can be purchased for 20% discount.

Kym - do we need to schedule an important meeting in the near future?

- alison

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