Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 5 Marni Fall/Winter Wishlist

Originally this was going to be a Top 10 list, then as I was making my list, it turned into a Top 10 Accessories and Top 10 Apparel.  Then I realized how totally disgusting that was considering my current financials, so the final Top 5 is based on pure fantasy, as if I had won the lottery last weekend instead of losing $5. I've lumped several items into one wish, since this all fantasy, remember. Let's begin!

#1  Fancy Party Outfit: Neither of these colors really works on me, but I can't help but love the whole look. In my fantasy world, I will try on both and let my friendly sales girl tell me which color looks better. And of course I will need at least one if not more of the gigantic bib necklaces to complete the outfit
#2  Crazy Cat Lady Meets Jackie O: This is the epitome of Marni. Giant shapeless dresses in peculiar mismatched patterns with some totally nonfunctional accessories, and ginormous sunglasses. It almost makes me want to wear my contact lenses.

#3  Sorta party dress that I would probably wear to work anyway. This color much better suited for me, is slightly less shapeless. Add some unique accessories, and voila! I'm totally overdressed for the office, which is how I prefer to look.

#4  Nerdy Librarian:  Between the plaid skirt and the sweater/capelet combo, I'm in librarian heaven. It was always my secret dream to become librarian until research told me that I would have to get a college degree in Information Sciences and there were no local schools offering the program. Well, I can still pretend, can't I?

#5  The Rest of It:  Who can't use a cute new coat (again, nonfunctional with the short sleeves), striped capelet or a belt?  I know I could use it.
Now, if only this weekend's lottery numbers come through.  Cross your fingers for me!
 - alison

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