Friday, October 9, 2009

Wardrobe Advice - Fancy Cocktail Party

Kym and I will be in San Francisco next week for a fancy cocktail party/charity dinner.  My current plan, assuming my 5-day detox is a success is to wear this Jil Sander dress from the Spring 09 collection:

Now, I can either wear them with Jil Sander black d'orsay heels from the same collection (not too dissimilar from what the model is wearing) or I was thinking of wearing my Balenciaga heels from the Fall 08 collection:
 Thoughts? I also need advice on accessories. I'd love to find something spiky or chunky in silver, but since I don't currently have anything, that means I have to go shopping. As for a purse, I have a vintage black clutch, but again, any suggestions are welcome.

Now is your chance to claim responsiblity for my fabulousness! You have until Monday night, so chop, chop!

- alison


  1. Balenciagas with a single, bold silver/platinum accessorry to match.

    jewelry is too expected so i suggest something bolder like the Lorraine Schwartz Beyonce glove

    or something involving brass knuckles....

  2. interesting. I know that Alexander McQueen actually has a knuckle duster clutch. I was really tempted, but wasn't sure if the skulls were the look I was going for:

  3. I like the idea of handbag flair. The ladies at the event will notice it...the guys will already think you're a badass in that dress.

  4. OOOH stunning!Did you end up going shopping for accessories? If you ever decide to relive that evening... please do so here!
    Eye candy!