Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zac Attack!

Yesterday was quite the day, I had the pleasure of scheduling a lunch and for some strange reason I thought the top floor at Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island would be lovely. Obviously a subconscious attempt to catch myself in a department store midday. As I was of course rushing in frantically to meet my friend, I saw "Zac Posen…Wednesday" on the window at Neiman's and thought to myself how cool it would be to meet him, but then quickly remembered the horrendous line I stood in to meet Christian Louboutin (I know), then immediately figured I had no time. As I'm rushing up the escalator, I bump into an adorable little man, OMG I realized it was Zac himself! I hardly knew what to say, I had a complete Zac Attack. Yes, he is more adorable in real life. I just about asked him to sign my coat but then I quickly realized I wasn't backstage at a Motley Crue concert (phew).


Moving on… Balenciaga leather motorcycle jacket has become a true obsession. In a flurry to afford it, I figured I need to sell, sell, sell stuff. This had to be "incremental" money and I had to feel the pain. I managed to come up with bags of stuff to bring to an OC consignment store. I'm too lazy to drive to Decades and figured rich, white OC people will have more money these days anyway. I brought some awesome pieces, a Zac Posen wool jacket, brand new Stella McCartney wool coat, Proenza Schouler leather motorcycle jacket (don't ask), the list goes on. NEVER bring your duds to an OC consignment store unless you actually were on the set of Dynasty (it's how they dress). I'm sorry but the bitches at that store were insulting, wanting to sell my Proenza coat for $498, and my Stella coat for $398 – you don't want to know what I paid for them. I will be polite and not name names, but it rhymes with "Hue".


After insisting they give me back my Proenza leather coat, I commented that their low price-points were far beneath what established consignment stores demand (Decades) and then realized with my outside voice that "fashionistas in Los Angeles are just much more willing to pay for what they love, and the difference between LA people and OC people is that OC people only care about their outsides, and only buy what is brand new, regardless of how tacky it is". I got more sneers and a "your style is so much more LA than OC anyway" snip, which at least left me exiting on a high note. I would rather be an "LA person" than an "OC person" any day.

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  1. I love it! You were the one who told me in the first place never to consign in OC because they have no taste.
    - alison