Monday, November 16, 2009

Shopping Update

Hi friends,


I know I have been very quiet these days. I sort of figure if I don’t have some ridiculous story to share, my news isn’t too exciting. The most interesting thing lately in my life regarding shopping is after I purchased that Balenciaga leather motorcycle jacket, I clung to it for 3-weeks and then just could not bear to own it because it was close to $3,000.00. Yes, I know. That is horrific. I actually got in my car, drove to Barney’s on Wilshire, walked in, returned it, contemplated a new bag (I would have “saved” $1,500), decided against it, browsed the shoes ($760 for a pair of Marni flats?, nah), and left empty handed. That is the first time in my life I left Barney’s empty handed.


Am I a huge bore now? I had a note on my calendar to get up out of bed, go to South Coast Plaza this weekend and stand in line for the Jimmy Choo sale at H&M. I hit “snooze” too many times and instead took my son to the Discovery Museum in Santa Ana, and had more fun since, well, I can’t remember. I was, however, a very cool, hip and stylish “mum” at the museum. Or as I told Alison and Pava days ago at THQ “Dude, I was hot!” Hey, for a 40’ish “mum”…..I had on my ripped AG jeans, yes, this season, Marni boots, tank-top since my arms are getting back in fighting condition, super long, recently done hair (thank God for extensions), and I’m officially < 130 pounds. The best accessory of all was the pure joy Mason and I had in the Yellow Submarine.


I’m patiently waiting for a check from Que in Corona del Mar, and Decades……maybe 50% will go into college fund and the rest, on Rodarte items at Target on December 20th.





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