Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Checking In

Ahhhh, the holidays are (thank God) O-V-E-R. I’ve been on holiday since December 18th and have not turned off the world like this since I was a 180-pound post-baby whale on morphine. Man, is it nice. Get this, I actually discovered Birkenstocks….they are so fucking comfortable. Wearing them is like getting a massage for your feet as you walk. I got so tired of hobbling around in my 4” Louboutins at all of the children’s theme parks and petting zoos I now frequent,  (don’t even ask how ridiculous I looked), that I said “fuck it, I’m wearing comfortable shoes today”, and the only pair of flat shoes I own aside from my really old Ugg boots are a pair of Birkenstocks that Alex bought me like, ten years ago. They have never been worn. I wore them with skinny William Rast jeans, my red Balenciaga, layered t-shirts and a faux leather motorcycle jacket that fits better than the $3,000 one from Balenciaga that I bought at Crush for $58.00. I think it’s made out of some type of plastic. Anyway, I did my best to look good. My rad hair extensions that I only have to wash once a week looked pretty cool, if not a little ragged, I’m not sure they are going to last a whole year like the lady said they would…..I have to pony up and get photos up.


I feel guilty for not being a more regular blog post participant….I’m slightly excited because a few things I bought for Alex didn’t work out and I have to return them so I think I will pocket what I get to refund. I have not purchased the Balenciaga bag yet….do forgive me, but I went to my plastic surgeon doctor for a little “consultation” and after stripping naked (post-baby body) and getting a 100-degree consultation, I have a $30,000 surgery tab to consider. Don’t worry, I’ll never do it all, at least not before I’m 50, but I am considering whether I want to remove a bag from under my eye, or buy a new one…..and I do agree with Alison that the red is the favored color, the others are a little too 80’s for me. I’m leaning toward the bag removal…..a bag under the eye is really quite horrendous. The only way I can avoid it poking out like an unwanted boner is if I eat nothing but lettuce and boiled chicken the day before, along with drinking one gallon of water. I’m afraid I can rarely, if ever, stick to that regimen, unless I have drugs to accompany me, but sadly, those days are over too.


BTW – I did manage to get a couple of things by Rodarte at Target in between picking up wipes and diapers…..I purchased the lamb vest, and a t-shirt with a little bow, very cute. I wanted the ribcage dress, but they only had a large, ditto with the leopard sequin dress.


I look forward to the Zac collection in April.


Cheers friends


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