Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FW: Balenciaga - 2010 colors - Steve

What do you think of these colors Alison? I am going to get a Giant Weekender…which is quite large…but can be used as my 2nd carry-on for travel – with my personal belongs as well as work crap.

Did you see my blog entry?


From: costamesascp.store@us.balenciaga.com [mailto:costamesascp.store@us.balenciaga.com]
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To: Kym Nelson
Subject: Balenciaga - 2010 colors - Steve


Kim -

It was nice meeting you over the phone. Here are the first colors of the new 2010 spring season. I hope you enjoy.

Again, most of the colors will appear a little brighter in person. Regarding the sang color, that will also appear a bit more red than orange but you can definitely see the orange undertone in it.

If you decide on any of these colors or are waiting for others, just let me know what size, hardware, and color you are looking for so I can keep an eye out for you.


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