Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have I mentioned how much I love Marni?

It's been at least a week since I've blathered on about how much I love Marni. Maybe it is because of the boxy, roomy dresses that hide my ever-expanding thighs (I finally did try to work out today even though I promised myself I would exercise all week). Or maybe it is that whole crazy cat-lady look. Or the permission to wear mismatched patterns and really chunky plastic jewelry. Or maybe it is because of the lovely sales people in South Coast Plaza.  How much do you think they make? I might seriously need to consider getting a retail sales job soon. It will be a full 360 for me, my very first job was at Suzy Deal's Fashions, back when nothing was priced over $9.99. Ah, those were the days.

Anyway, back to my love of Marni. I dropped in on Christmas Eve since the sale had progressed to 50% off and I was waiting for that to consider purchasing a bag. I had a very specific one in mind. Unfortunately, Lisa, my helpful sales clerk was not in, but alerted her coworkers that I would be coming in.  Alas, my bag was gone. I was slightly disappointed that Lisa had not held it for me, but managed to walk out with a coat and a dress, knowing that there was a similar bag on the Marni website for slightly cheaper that I could purchase. And I did. 

Amazingly, today, I was about to take my dog out to tinkle, she will only go in the front yard when it rains, instead of the back yard, which is a very strange behavior. I open the door, and there's the UPS guy. I thought, I just tracked my Marni online purchase and it shouldn't be here yet. He hands me a box, and it says it is from Marni. I thought, this is too small to be purse, maybe they just sent the belt I ordered. I look again at the box and it says it is from South Coast Plaza. Hmm, this is interesting.  There is a box with a card inside. It is a thank you gift from Lisa for all my support (I nice way of saying "purchases" or "cha-ching") and inside the box is a lovely necklace! How awesome is that? For being such a shlub, I feel quite special. If I find a picture of the necklace online, I'll post it.  Yippee! I should get my other Marni delivery tomorrow, so this is a good week for me!
- alison

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