Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Shopping: The Aftermath

'm having some severe palpitations as a result of all my personal shopping.  I've decided that I will return one of the two sweaters that I bought at NM during pre-sale. I will definitely return it on my trip to pick up my pre-sale shoes. And speaking of those shoes, you know that nagging feeling I had when I was trying on the Prada heels.  I realized the next day, that I just bought a pair of heels in the same color from Marni when I went crazy at their pre-sale. Since I haven't worn them yet, I completely forgot about these shoes. How moronic is that? I can't return the Marni shoes, so the Prada CANNOT come home with me. You know you have a shopping problem with things like this happen. Though I can't promise I will behave when the boots finally go on sale at NM.  Barneys and Saks all have their boots on sale, but all my points are with Neiman! I may have to try Barneys when they go a little lower on pricing. We'll see what happens.

See for yourself how terrible this shoe faux pas is:

Did I mention I received a check last month from Decades? They sold 3 of my 10 items, including the Balenciaga top that started the whole thing because it was too small, I didn't try it on, and I couldn't return it. I'm crossing my fingers I get another check next week, then I'm gonna bring another batch of stuff to consign. That kind of helps to offset the madness. At least it does in my mind.

- alison

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