Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Shopping Trip #1: Neiman Marcus pre-Thanksgiving

Remember when I alerted you to the special one-day only sale at Neiman? Of course, I went to Neiman, but only after I also reviewed what was on sale on their website.  Luckily, there were no shoes on sale, because I could have gone crazy without leaving the first floor.  On the second floor, I tried on an Alexander McQueen blouse and dress, and this amazing aquilano.rimondi blazer with little pointed shoulders.  The blazer was not on sale so it went bye-bye. The dress was too small, but the shirt was okay, and I have a terrible habit of not liking to leave empty-handed.  So I bought the shirt. It is a weird deconstructed short sleeve button down, and I convinced myself at the time that it looked good.

On to contemporary where I knew there were Diane von Furstenberg items I still wanted to buy. I was also looking for some black jeans.  I found a pair of those, and purchased a dvf turtleneck and cardigan. Tried on a couple other things but they did not make the cut.

Now, I can feel good about getting my parking validated and back to work to finish my shopping ONLINE!  Yes, this is how bad I am.  I went back to my desk, and ordered up a different Alexander McQueen dress, a Zac Posen dress, and an Alexander McQueen skirt, which were all on sale.

The end result:  when I received the skirt, it did not fit so I returned it. But since I really loved the 2 dresses, I decided that I should return the sort of okay blouse.  To return the blouse, I went to NM Fashion Island on the weekend, which I will detail in another post.

The DVF stuff is sort of basic, but I will regale you with images of my new dresses! I've worn the Zac Posen already and received several compliments, though it does sort of look homemade, so people ask if I've made it.
- alison

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