Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Shopping Trip #2: Barneys NY

On my first shopping trip at NM, I was looking for jeans.  I needed black jeans to replace a pair I have but don't really like, but I was also in need of a plain blue skinny pair, of which I don't currently own a pair. A woman who said she represented some of the jean lines said she could help me find a pair.  While she was unsuccessful in finding me something, I noted that the jeans she was wearing were cute. Unfortunately, she said that NM did not carry the line, which was MiH, but American Rag did.  I suddenly became obsessed with finding these jeans, but I did not want to drive to American Rag. I started searching online, which was challenging because I had already forgotten what brand they were, I only remembered the little gold bird embroidered on the back pocket.  After much research, I rediscovered the brand name and somehow found that Barneys carried the brand.  In hopes that they carried the style, I drove on over at lunch one day, hoping that these would also be part of the sale that was going on.

I arrive at Barneys, and of course my first stop is in shoes to see what is on sale. It was quite a pathetic assortment, clearly they were holding the good stuff for post-thanksgiving (which I can confirm by looking at their site, the good shoes are definitely on sale now).  Up in the Co-Op area, I dig through all the sale jeans, find nothing, but eventually find about 5 pairs to try on, including MiH.  Bad news is that they were not on sale AND the dressing room was about 80 degrees so I felt extremely disgusting which one really does not want to feel when trying on skinny jeans. Unless you are actually skinny, and I am not.

End of story, I bought the MiH jeans, finally wore them for the first time this week, and got to witness the joy of working retail during the holiday as one of the sales girls got chewed out my a more senior person, and as per usual, the Barney's co-op sales people were either hiding or unhelpful.  That's fine with me as long as the dressing rooms are unlocked and someone is ready at the register.

- alison

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