Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Shopping Trip #3: Marni Pre-Sale

Some of you may remember that I had visited and shopped at Marni fairly recently during the Angelitos charity event (see post below).  Some of you may think it is wrong of me to have returned to Marni so soon. But I'm not crazy. I double-checked with my helpful sales associate, Lisa, to make sure they got some new inventory. She confirmed that was the case, so how could I not go check it out during the Pre-Sale.  What is "Pre-Sale," some of you might ask? Well, that is the week before the store publicly announces they are having a sale. If you are a good customer, they will inform of you this via your favorite method of communication.  If you just happen to walk into the store during pre-sale, they will also inform you.  The catch is that, technically, you are not allowed to take home your purchases until the sale starts.  They hold it for you, then charge you when the sale starts, then you can pick up your purchase.

But back to MY pre-sale experience. I went on the night before Thanksgiving, again driving all the way down to South Coast Plaza. The initial sale savings is 30%.  I grabbed about 20 things to try on, fell in love with several dresses, knocked some sense into myself regarding jackets/coats I absolutely don't need, made my final clothing selections, and then threw in a pair of shoes despite the fact that I told Lisa I wasn't actually crazy about the shoes from the Fall season. I'm sort of holding out for a purse for when it drops to 50%, we'll see what happens.

When all is said and done, I bought 3 dresses, one shirt, one sweater, and a pair of shoes. I think. I almost can't remember anymore.  Here's what that looks like.  The best part is that Lisa let me take my purchases home that night instead of waiting until Nov 30th, because I'm super special! Please note that not all the pictures are the actual colors/patterns that I bought, but you get the idea.
- alison


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