Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Shopping Trip #4: Neiman Marcus Fashion Island: Part 1

It should be obvious by now that I have spent entirely WAY TOO MUCH on myself  this holiday season, which leaves me fairly broke for holiday gifts.  But Neiman Marcus is very tricky. They send me these postcards with special deals, usually they are not interesting, but right now, there are a couple good ones. The first one I acted on was good only during Thanksgiving weekend.  They gave away a free D.L. & Co candle set with any full priced purchase.  That got me thinking, "What is the cheapest thing I can buy, that I might also be able to give as a gift?"  I settled on a pair of Tom's shoes for my boyfriend, and collected my candle, which I will use as a gift for someone else, to be determined.

It was on this same trip that I brought the previously mentioned Alexander McQueen blouse and skirt to return.  Customer Service handled my online purchase return, and my candle, but I would have to take the blouse to the clothing department.  While there, I saw my helpful sales associate, Rosemary.  I asked her, when is the big Neiman sale starting, to which she answered in a hushed tone "tomorrow! go grab anything you want me to hold for you!"  You don't need to tell me twice.  I grabbed a bunch of stuff to try on. Sadly, none of the Chanel stuff that I liked was in my size. This is probably a good thing since Chanel on sale is still expensive.  Again, this was actually the Pre-Sale before the sale was publicly announced on Dec 3. I had Rosemary hold a couple sweaters for me (Jil Sander and Kaufman Franco), nothing else really floated my boat. I promised to return the next day to finalize my selections since I was going to be in the area anyway.

To be continued in part 2...
- alison

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