Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Shopping Trip #4: Neiman Marcus Fashion Island: Part 2

It's the day after I discovered Pre-Sale was about to start at Neiman, and I have a couple items on hold. I have promised to return to finalize my purchase.  My dilemma is that I am supposed to play tennis, followed by a hike in Laguna Beach that same day.  I can't remember when NM opens, but I figure it is the holiday, they should open earlier than their normal noon on Sunday time.  I stop at NM on my way to tennis, around 10a, and I am shocked they aren't open until noon. That means, I'm going to NM in my grubby workout clothes full of stink and sweat.  Classy as always.

After tennis and a 4 mile hike, I'm looking really disgusting, but manage to change into a clean t-shirt before going into NM.  But now they have all the sales racks up in the shoe department.  Crap!  I see my helpful sales associate, Paula, who is happy to assist me. I inquire about some of the items not on the sale rack, but are definitely from the fall season, she says they will probably go on sale after Christmas.  I ask for a nylon in order to be somewhat hygenic since my feet are stinky from the hike and proceed to try on a bunch of shoes. Remember, I only here because I'm finalizing my pre-sale in the clothing department! As is somewhat typical this year, I strike out on most accounts, not a lot of selection in my size. But one pair of Miu Mius is working for me, so those go on pre-sale hold for me. Just for kicks, I ask to try on a Gucci bootie and a Marni peep-toe bootie not on sale.  Marni isn't in stock in my size, the Gucci is, but I'm on the fence because it is black and gray, and I really feel bad about buying another black shoe. The Marni on the other hand is dark blue and there is one in my size located somewhere in NM land.  My helpful sales associate says that if I want to get them, I can see her after they go on sale, and she'll adjust my purchase price for me.  I go for it, and the shoes are ordered and ship to my house.

So now I have a pair of heels held for pre-sale, full-priced shoes being shipped to me, and I still need to go upstairs. When I get upstairs I peruse the racks that are now out and promoting the pre-sale, pick up a couple new things to try and find Rosemary to get my previous holds.  It is rather hectic up there, but she gets me into a dressing room.  I swap out the Jil Sander for a Fendi sweater, and I hold onto the Kaufman Franco sweater.  I know I had something else I was considering, but changed my mind on, so I tell Rosemary to go with the 2 sweaters. She is quite consumed with helping Stephanie Seymour (former model and Axl Rose punching bag), who sadly is trying on conservative boring stuff, but having trouble finding them in size 2 or something. I hang out in my disgusting attire for a bit, then finally I wrap things up for Rosemary, and plan for yet another trip to NM to pick up all my pre-sale items next weekend.

I know it is sort of gross that I tried on clothes after working out, but I think it makes me a "real" person, not these fantasy rich ladies that normally shop at Neiman.  Here is a pic of my new boots. Now for the pickup story, Part 3...
- alison

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  1. (gasp) I. want. these. boots. Dangit.

    BTW, I'm sure you have realized this by now, but I'm reading these NM updates backwards. I was just too busy with preparing the PD holiday cards and gifts the last few days to be able to read up (boo). At least I'm DONE! Wooh!