Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Shopping Trip #4: Neiman Marcus Fashion Island: Part 3

It's December 5th. The NM sale is officially on, and anything that was pre-sold can now be picked up.  Also, I have another one of those handy little postcards that tell me that on Dec 5th only, I can get 1 item in the Epicurean department up to $50 for free. No purchase required.  I have to take advantage of that, right? It's another gift that I can give to a loved one.

I stop first at the shoe department, which is a mad house but really picked over. While waiting for my helpful sales associate, I check out what's there, see if anything new has popped up.  I try on a pair of brown Prada heels, flag down Paula, she brings me my Miu Mius and the mate to the Prada. I like th Prada, but have a nagging feeling about them. Whatever, I say I'll take them.  Paula suggests she waits until Wednesday to ring them up since I get triple points on Wednesday.  I say okay, but that means another trip to NM. This really is getting crazy, right?

Off to the upstairs, I pick up my sweaters and move on to check out the selection of epicurean delights. Since I can only buy one item, I try to find something where I really get bang for the buck, and can potentially split them up into multiple gifts.  I settle on the 3 cans of chocolate covered potato chips, priced at $48, but free for me.  I feel like I'm getting somewhere with this whole holiday shopping thing.

Here's a pick of the Miu Miu (though mine are a blue/violet), and the Prada shoes.
- alison

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