Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rodarte for Target: The Results

Sorry in advance that this is just a tease, but unfortunately work is really cramping my style and I don't have the time I need to put together a comprehensive post with pics.

The short-ish story:  Target decided to put the collection out on the floor on Friday, to my surprise, so when I arrange bright and early on Sunday, the good stuff was picked over. And forget about the website, not much left there either. 

I still managed to buy approximately 17 items, which I think is half of the entire collection.  And if I want to be able to take my dog to the vet for her medication and annual checkup, I will need to return at least 8 of those items.  As expected, the dresses were VERY short, though some are quite functional with leggings.  There was LOTS of tulle, which means you need to be very girly to wear this stuff.

Hopefully will get you a full report of what I will keep and what I will return before the holiday.  As a bonus, I will include the funny story of my conversation in the store with a woman who didn't what she was looking at even though she had quite the Newport Beach vibe and ought to know better.
- alison

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