Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rodarte: What I bought (and maybe shouldn't have)

Although I reported buying 17 items in the last entry, now that I've scoured the internet for pics, I think I only bought 13 things. If I discover anything else in my closet I've already forgotten, I'll be sure to update you.

First, the keepers: A white knit cardigan with detachable scarf; The rib-cage sequin dress (worn as tunic for me); Nude lace cardigan and lace print dress; Leopard-print lace dress with bows on the back (also a tunic for me); and a 70s inspired print tee.

Then there are the items on the bubble, I probably should return them, but they are kind of growing on me: A wooly cropped jacket; a basic nude cami; a navy sheer tie-neck blouse which I imagine would look lovely under a tight fitting vest or strapless dress, very Mad Men.

And the items I definitely will return:  Gray cardigan (same as the white); floral embroidered wrap dress (not a great color on my pale skin); light raincoat in same 70s print as top; and blue sheer lace top:

But there were some items that were MIA, that I probably would have bought, and maybe I will after I make my returns.  Such as this leopard jacket, or the knee socks you see above, or the black lace tights or the belts.  For my sake, and my dog's sake (see post below), let's hope I don't buy anything else. Especially since I just ordered a bunch of stuff from the Barney's 60% off sale, Gilt Groupe and I'm heading to Marni tomorrow for the 50% off sale! I will definitely cut up my credit cards next year, maybe.
- alison

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  1. Alison, you were wearing this dress (the leopard-print lace dress with bows on the back) today, weren't you?

    Even if not, I absolutely loved your outfit today!!! All your accessories...all of it!

    Ok, I'm done gushing (for now)!