Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Happy New Year! I figured I better confess to my resolutions for 2010 so you all can keep me honest.
Resolution #1: Try to go as many days as possible without buying clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.
So far, so good.  The only shopping I have done, this 5th day into the new year, is online window shopping, and shopping for car tires. The car tire shopping took about as much time as shopping for clothes, cost just as much (though I haven't paid for them yet), but was not nearly as fulfilling. I guess "safety" is the new black.
Resolution #2: Attempt to wear contact lenses more regularly. 
Since I am now too old for laser eye surgery, the only way to indulge my vanity is through contact lenses. This means i will need to buy some contact lenses first, so this resolution might take a while to get started.

I think I might have had another resolution, but I've already forgotten it. Probably something about exercising. Oh well.

And in case any of you were wondering about whether or not my dog ever got her medications, the answer is "yes!"  I returned a bunch of the Rodarte stuff to Target, and was just shy $30 of what I needed to take my dog to the vet and get her meds.  That leaves me with 2 cardigans, 3 dresses and 1 t-shirt from the collection, and I'm sure at least 3 of those things will probably go into the Alison's closet bag 6 months from now.

I'll keep you updated on my resolution progress!
- alison

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