Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Barney's Warehouse Sale - Sorry, it's over

I know I'm supposed to update everyone on sales, but you probably already knew that the Barney's Warehouse Sale has come and gone.  The reason I neglected to report it because I am trying to boycott it now that it has changed venue to the LA Convention Center.  It was so great when it was in Santa Monica.  I could go on Day 1, the middle of the show, and then hit the last Friday before it ended. This would either happen on my way into work, during lunch or at the end of the day. Now it is a chore to get there, and parking is $12 instead of free!

But of course, the only reason to tell you about the sale after the fact is because I did not boycott it, and actually went there on the Monday holiday, the last day of the sale.  It was a way to avoid cleaning the house, but I did get quite a few other chores completed before treating myself.  I tried on a ton of stuff but was extremely brutal in terms of what I allowed myself to buy.  I forced myself to put back the ribcage sleeveless Rodarte shirt but did snatch up the Rodart leather jacket.  Bad news is that I did buy 2 pairs of shoes.  I was obsessed with the Proenza Schouler fall collection after spending too many hours this weekend watching The Day Before, a great show about various designers prepping for Fashion Week on Sundance Channel.  So when I saw those shoes, I crammed my feet in them and decided they met my level of pain tolerance. 

I love my shoes and my jacket (I also love the cheaper shoes and pants I bought but they aren't as special). Plus, I was able to park at a meter across the street that still had 40 minutes in it.  Take that $12 parking!
- alison 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Week and Chanel Nonsense!

Two fun updates for you.  First, in case you missed the live webcast of the Marc Jacobs show, you can catch the live webcast of the Proenza Schouler show on Wednesday, Feb 17th at 5pm Pacific/8p Eastern at the official Proenza Schouler website

Even more exciting, immediately after the show for 24 hours, they will be selling the handbags used for the show. That is going to be crazy, though after watching how those guys prepare for their show (spray painting belts black from brown, and touching up the handbags), I'm not sure I want to pay crazy prices for a potentially tweaked bag.

And in other craziness, I'm sure you've all signed up for the email alert regarding when the Chanel faux tattoos would be available to the public. So I'm sure this is old news to you, but they are now available on
and now you, too, can pay $75 for some Limited Edition temporary tattoos. It's a good deal, just read the description:
Fifty-five exclusive, individual temporary tattoos, referencing iconic CHANEL symbols and codes, hand-drawn by Global Creative Director of Makeup, Peter Philips, for the Spring-Summer 2010 Fashion Show in Paris.

Don't all rush out at once!
- alison

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen's Untimely Passing

I just read that news that Alexander McQueen has reportedly committed suicide in his London apartment.  Here's the official text from the website:

On behalf of Lee McQueen's family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand has been found dead at his home. At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee's family.
Lee's family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this.

His designs were always extraordinary and I own a number of his pieces and shoes. Tomorrow I will have to put together a tribute outfit in his honor.
- alison 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What are you excited about?

Such a heavy sigh….life is heavy these days, bizarre weather patterns and severe storms (our car’s engine got flooded on our way to get sandbags for the doomsday rainstorm and the car was totaled), high unemployment and those who are employed are afraid they’ll get the pink slip any day so everyone is competing against each other, no real upside in sight, sucky real-estate market, savings dwindling, I could go on.


The upside? Fashion! Yes Fashion! Beautiful, new, pretty, pieces of clothing that make me feel so fabulous and special. Skinny jeans that take off 10 pounds, buttery soft leather jackets, platform shoes, Balenciaga, it’s all so, totally, incredibly fabulous. Screw retirement, screw everything. Looking good is all that matters. Actually, feeling like I’m looking good whether I really do or not, is all that matters. I was at one of my favorite little boutiques the other day and the owner was wearing the Gucci ankle boots, fishnet stockings with jean cut-offs, a fur coat and tank top. God bless her, so many would say she looked ridiculous, I thought she was so hot. I really did envy her too, I wish I could dress like that every single day, but I just can’t. Yes, I’m 43 and I’m sort of coming to terms with that. I know, sad. Maybe in my post-sales, sort-of executive/professional career, I will dress like that every single day, even if I’m just going to Save-On or Trader Joe’s.


Gaultier is coming to Target on March 7th! Isn’t that so exciting? I’m so excited, it is marked on my calendar and I’m actually, truly excited. What are YOU excited about?


C’mon, we have to get excited. The world is going to hell in a handbag (for me a good one at least), but I’m going to have a fucking good time going down. And I’m going to dress well all the way.


You know what? All this saves my sanity, like Edie Brikell says “push me in the shallow water before I get to0 deep”. Thank God for Fashion, Gossip Magazines, Fashion, Gossip Magazines, Fashion, Gossip Magazines……and sugar free bubblegum.