Friday, April 16, 2010

Damn you, Outnet! See what you made me do!

I shouldn't surprised, but I certainly am annoyed.  I didn't realize the Outnet would play dirty pool when it came to their $1 anniversary sale. As I mentioned previously, the Outnet would not tell anyone in advance when the dollar sale would start today. So, I was mentally prepared to enter the fray as I logged into my computer this morning around 9am, only to find that the sale started at 3:45am.  WTF?!?  Of course it was LONG over by the time I got the news.

So to quell my irritation, I decided to buy the most expensive dress I've ever bought in my life that I had tried on last night at Neiman Marcus during their cocktail party. I tried it on, got Polly's approval that it looked good, and put it on hold, thinking, I really shouldn't buy this, though I would sleep on it before making a final decision.  After I told Polly the price, she confirmed I should not buy it.  But this morning, I get the stupid Outnet news, AND an email from Polly telling me to buy it.  I did some casual research to see if there would be any chance that I would find this dress two months from now on the sale rack, half-heartedly convinced myself that there is no way this dress is going to be around in two months, and made the purchase.  Thank gooodness I got a tax refund.

In other Neiman Marcus party news, Polly and I discovered there is Spanx for men, I believe I had a real housewife of Orange County sighting, and after  the party, Polly and I got to meet and chitchat with Trina Turk over at her store in Fashion Island. She is totally adorable! I feel rather bad that I didn't buy anything from her.
- alison

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