Monday, April 19, 2010

Et Tu, Target?

What is with this disturbing trend of advertising awesome deals that so few can actually take advantage of?  I've already bitched about The Outnet $1 sale (btw, as an apology for the frustrating experience, they are going to give customers free shipping for a month. Wow, I feel much better, now).

I went to my local Target at 10am on Sunday to check out the Cynthia Vincent shoes. Sadly, the shoes only took up the space of one endcap, and there were none of the gladiator wedges to be found. The space was half-empty already which led me to believe that they stocked them the day before, at least.  And when I went online at home, they claimed all the gladiator shoes were sold out, yet still showing them on the website just to rub it in.

Target deserves an extreme finger-wagging for being a MASS MERCHANT who NATIONALLY advertised a specific pair of shoes and yet didn't bother to order enough.  There was still boatloads of Liberty items in-store as well as some Jean-Paul Gaultier, so what happened, Target?  I almost think that they didn't even ship the yellow wedges to stores because I when I checked on ebay, I only saw the brown wedges. No one was selling yellow.  Usually, there are a boatload of the Target items on ebay as soon as they are in the stores.

And Target gets an additional stink-eye from me for not even having the Eugenia Kim accessories on display in either Target that I visited on Sunday.

Badly played, Target, badly played.
- alison

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