Friday, April 16, 2010

Target - This Sunday: Cynthia Vincent shoes & Eugenia Kim accessories!

I'm sorry I didn't post about the Jean Paul Gaultier or Liberty of London collections at Target. Short story on that: I did not buy any Jean Paul, but I did buy some scarves, comforter, a dress, and a blouse from Liberty.

But mark your calendars for this Sunday.  The Cynthia Vincent shoe collection goes on sale. The pics look really cute, but the real test will be in person when I can figure out what material it is made of.  The yellow wedge is just what I need to relieve my daily stress. They also come in brown and black. The flat studded sandals come in a few different colors and the tribal print fabric is used on a flat and a wedge.  I'm EXCITED!

On the same day, Eugenia Kim is launching a line of hats for Target.  I learned long ago to stop buying hats because I never wear them, but they look really cute, so I encourage you to check them out.
Have fun shopping at Target this weekend, you might want to create a valid shopping list in case you are having any feelings of guilt for buying shoes.  I need to pick up some vitamins while I'm there!
- alison

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