Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When did shopping become stressful?

I know it has been a while, but don't worry, I have been doing a LOT of shopping since the last post.  I will try to give you some details on that later, plus some things you need to put on your calendar for the upcoming weeks.

But what I really wanted to discuss today is why does The have to make my pleasure in life so stressful?  If you are not familiar, The Outnet is sort of the clearance site for  Everything there has been marked down, versus net-a-porter which only occasionally has sales.  The Outnet also does these flash sales where they take one item and mark it way down and they sell it until it is gone. I have NEVER been able to take advantage of these flash sales because they start at 9am pacific and I am still enjoying the drive to work at that time.

But the REALLY stressful sales event is this Friday, April 16th. They are celebrating their one-year anniversary and selling a bunch of stuff for $1!  Who knows if it will total crap, like a bunch metallic harem pants or something awful like that.  Then again, it could be awesome.  The stress comes once you've RSVP'd for it.  They don't tell you WHEN the sale will start, and today they dropped the bomb that you will only be able to buy 1 item.  How the hell are you supposed to look at everything that is available and make your choice before everything is sold out?  It's making my blood pressure rise just writing about it.

In any case, if I actually get logged in for the sale and manage to buy something, I will report back to you all.  Wish me luck!
- alison

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