Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Life in the Slow Lane Part 1

Hey, there! Will anyone even see this? As we move into the second week of self-isolating, I thought to myself: maybe I should blog again, because no one reads blogs anymore, but I can pretend that I'm doing something creative. So, I'm going to try to regularly post something until I get completely bored of this and forget about it for another 8 years.

Where to begin? It's Week 2 of working from home and mostly physically staying away from people. And while I consider myself anti-social to begin with, I've discovered that I actually need a little face-to-face interaction in my life. No, not Zoom get-togethers. Real, in the same physical space, type of interaction. Are you shocked? I'm shocked.

A lot of music has been popping into my head during the particularly boring times. Today's tune for your enjoyment is BadBadNotGood's "Time Moves Slow". It sure does, doesn't it?

That's enough for today, I would hate to bore you so quickly. No one deserves to be reminded how boring life is right now. I feel for all those millenials who were taught in school that they must collaborate and work in teams. It must be absolutely maddening right now.

Final thought for the day:

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